A successful launch for ‘Hurworth Heat’

Over the past six months, 15 gifted pupils from Year 8 have been putting together a school newspaper known as the ‘Hurworth Heat’, that highlights some of the significant events that took place in the school year. This includes: charity events – such as Comic Relief; trips – the upcoming Iceland trip and Thurston. As well as this, there are also test results (top marks – including the pupils names and photographs) and much more excitement that goes on through the academic year. This was supervised and set up by Miss Moohan and Miss Peaker with several visits from Peter Barron (former editor of the Northern Echo) to pass on his experiences and wisdom.

For the lucky pupils, this was a great insight to the thrilling world of journalism, many of which said they would consider a career in it after getting an idea of the job roles and needs. The pupils involved were: Lucy, Greta, Esa, Millie, Thomas, Gabrielle, Ethan, Freya, Harvey, Grace, Jamie, Caleb, Autumn  – Scott and Matthew. They have all worked so hard, put in so many hours, used their lunch and break times, all in the hope that they have a professional newspaper.

Written by Lucy

Hurworth Heat Editor