Consultation on Admission Arrangements 2020-2021

Hurworth School are consulting on their proposed admission arrangements for 2020/2021. The consultation will run from Monday 5th November 2018 to Friday 21st December 2018.

Comments are not being sought on any area of the arrangements other than the addition of the oversubscription criterion of ‘Children in State Care’.

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Admission Arrangements 2020-21 (Consultation)

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Hurworth School has made a variation to its admission arrangements for 2019/20. The arrangements have been revised to ensure Admission Code Compliance following a recent decision by the schools’ Adjudicator into the admission arrangements of the schools maintained by Darlington Local Authority. The variation relates to the Home Address and the Medical Criterion.

Admission Arrangements 2019/2020

Determined Admission Arrangements

The School Admission Regulations 2012 require admission authorities to set (‘determine’) admission arrangements annually. For entry in 2018 all admission authorities must have determined their admission arrangements by 28 February each year.

Once arrangements have been determined, any objections to them should be referred in writing to the Schools Adjudicator.  For entry in 2018 objections must be referred by 15 May in the year of entry. The Schools Adjudicator can be contacted at The Office of the Schools Adjudicator, Bishopsgate House, Feethams, Darlington, DL1 5QE. You can also contact them on 01325 340525 or by emailing the team at .

Once admission arrangements have been determined for a particular school year, they cannot be revised by the admission authority unless such revision is necessary to give effect to a mandatory requirement of the Code, admission law, a determination of the Adjudicator or any misprint in the admission arrangements.

Admission Arrangements 2019/2020

Determined Admission Arrangements 2018/2019

Admission Appeals Timetable

Admission Appeals - Parents Guide

Admission Policy 2018-2019


Hurworth School is a popular, successful school which is consistently over-subscribed. The school caters for students from the ages of 11 to 16 and is located in the village of Hurworth. The school prides itself on its pastoral care and its first class academic record; a winning combination which resulted in the school being deemed as “outstanding” in all areas of provision in its most recent OFSTED inspection.

How to apply for a place


The school will admit up to 127 students who are moving from primary to secondary school. Applications for places will be made in accordance with the LA’s co-ordinated admission arrangements and must be made on the application form (Form A) in the back of the Local Authority’s Guide for Parents or by applying online on the Council’s website.

Admissions Policy


The Governing Body of Hurworth School is the Admissions Authority for this school. After the admission of children with an Education, Health and Care Plan where Hurworth School is named on the plan, and where the number of applicants is greater than the published admission number, applications will be considered against the criteria set out below in the order:

(i) Looked After & Previously Looked After
• A ‘looked after’ child is a child who is in the care of a Local Authority or being provided with accommodation by a local authority at the time of making an application. See the full definitions in section 22(1) of the Children Act 1989.
• Children who were adopted under the Adoption Act 1976 (see section 12) and under the Adoption and Children’s Act 2002 (see section 46)
• Child arrangement orders as defined in section 8 of the Children Act 1989

• Special guardianship order as defined in section 14A of the Children Act 1989

(ii) Family Links

Children who have a brother or sister already attending Hurworth School and who are expected to be on roll at the school at the time of admission.

(iii) Medical Reasons

Children with very exceptional medical factors directly related to school placement. Applications under this criterion must be supported by written evidence from a doctor.

(v) Children living in Hurworth

Children who live within Hurworth Ward (see map).

(vi) Associated Areas

Children who live within the following areas:

The villages of Middleton St George, Middleton One Row, Neasham, Bishopton, Sadberge, Great Stainton, Little Stainton and the rural areas of Sockburn, Low Dinsdale and Hurworth Moor. If your rural area is not mentioned in the list, please refer to the maps found on theschool admissions website or contact the school for further clarification.

(vii) Distance

Children who live nearest the preferred school measured from the front door of the home address (including flats) to the main school gate, by the shortest walking route judged to be safe (lighting at regular intervals and paved/tarmaced). This will be based on the child’s permanent home address. (To remain consistent the LA uses a Geographical Information System to measure all distances).



For applications which require a measurement to be undertaken in order to apply the oversubscription criteria or to determine a tie – break situation, the Local Authority on behalf of the Academy will measure the distance using a Geographical Information System (GIS) this ensures consistency for all measurements.



In the event of a tie-break in any oversubscription criteria, distance will be the deciding factor, using a GIS and may involve an officer walking the route using a pedometer.

Multiple Births


Where a single place remains and the next child to be offered is a twin or other multiple birth, then the school will use its discretion in deciding whether to offer over the PAN.

Medical Criterion


If a parent states a preference for a school and indicates their reason for doing so is ‘medical’, then they will be required to send a supporting letter from a professional practitioner. The supporting evidence should set out the particular reasons why Hurworth school is the most suitable school and the difficulties it would cause if their child had to travel to another school. The Authority reserves the right to make contact with the District Medical Officer for independent information regarding the child’s condition. The Authority may also seek advice from other qualified professionals, e.g. Psychologists or other specialists where necessary.

Family Links


Children have a family link if:

• They are half or full brother or sister
• They are adoptive brother or sister
• They are a foster brother or sister
• Their carers are co-habiting and children live together in the same household

• They are children in the same household (e.g. carers have special guardianship/residency order)

Home Address


This is the child’s permanent address where he or she generally resides. Temporary addresses may not be used in the application for admission to the Academy. For parents/carers who may have more than one property, reference should only be made to the property in which they and the child(ren) mainlyreside. Where parents/carers are separated and the child lives for periods with both, then the home address will be that of the parent that receives the child benefit. If the main address has changed temporarily, for example where a parent/carer resides with extended family during a period of sickness or takes up temporary accommodation due to building works/renovation, then the home address remains that at which the parent/carer was resident before the period of temporary residence began. Where the temporary change of address is due to the sale of property, evidence of the particular circumstances will be required to determine the home address for the purposes of the application.

Waiting Lists


If your child has been refused admission, a waiting list is available where priority will be given according to the oversubscription criteria stated for this school based on the information provided at the time of application. The waiting list will be open until the end of the Autumn term 2018.

School Transport Arrangements


Details on transport arrangements for which the Local Authority are responsible are available in the Admissions Guide for Parents. Anyone wishing to contact the Academy with regard to its admission arrangements should contact Mrs M Hall, School Manager.

From September 2013 Darlington Borough Council now only provides the statutory minimum that is required to transport children to and from school at the start and the end of the school day.

The legal requirement for ensuring that a child attends school is that of the parent/carer. The Local Authority will provide free transport assistance using the following criteria.

• To the nearest appropriate and/or suitable school, if that school is more than three miles from the parents/carers home using the shortest walking route judged to be safe*

• To the nearest appropriate and/or suitable school if there is no identified safe route.

It is also the Local Authority’s responsibility to make arrangements to provide transport assistance for all eligible children. At the normal point of entry the Local Authority provides free home to school transport assistance for Darlington Authority pupils of compulsory school age, eligible if the family are in receipt of free school meals or the maximum level of working tax credit, to:

• I of their 3 nearest appropriate and/or suitable school, should a pupil obtain a place at that school and if that school is more than two miles and less than 6 from the parents/carers home using the shortest walking route judged to be safe*
• The nearest appropriate school preferred on grounds of religion or belief and who obtain a place at such a school and where that school is more than two miles but less than 15 from the parents/carers home using the shortest walking route judged to be safe*

Notes: The nearest suitable school is the nearest available school which offers an efficient full-time programme of education.

*Lit at regular intervals, paved/tarmaced route.

Where there is no transport arrangements already in operation and a child is eligible for transport assistance, the family may choose to transport the child themselves. In these circumstances the Local Authority will reimburse the cost of a weekly bus ticket in-line with the amount at the time of purchase on a public service vehicle.

For further information contact Transport Services on: (01325) 405906.

Non-Statutory Transport Arrangements


In conjunction with all secondary schools in Darlington, the Local Authority has agreed to offer a limited number of additional places on existing routes to parents/carers of secondary age children; however there will be a cost for this provision. Parents/carers who are not entitled to ‘free’ transport can apply for a fare paying place on an existing school coach, where there are spaces available. The spaces are limited and there is no guarantee that every child who applies will be allocated a place. This offer only applies to children living 2 miles or more from the school for which existing transport routes are in place.

It is a parents / carers responsibility to get their child to school and your preference for a school should not be affected by the availability of transport. Details on these arrangements will be sent to parents after the all ocation of places has been made and acceptance of the offer has been received by the Local Authority.

Admission of Children Outside their Normal Age Group


2.17 of the Admissions Code states:

Admission authorities must make decisions on the basis of the circumstances of each case and in the best interests of the child concerned. This will include taking account the parent’s views; information about the child’s academic, social and emotional development; where relevant, their medical history and the views of a medical professional; whether they have previously been educated out of their normal age group and whether they may naturally fallen into a lower age group if it were not for being born prematurely, they must also take into account the views of the Head Teacher of the school concerned. When informing a parent of their decision on the year group the child should be admitted to, the admission authority must set out clearly the reasons for their decision. If a parent seeks a place in a year group other than the year that there child would ‘normally’ be in (outside of their chronological age), they need to put their request in writing with a clear explanation of why they are making their request, for example their child is gifted and talented, they have missed a significant part of their education due to a medical problem.

If a parent seeks a place for their child to start Year 7 when they are in Year 5 and it is within the co-ordinated timeframe for applying (beginning of September to 31st October) then this will be considered as part of the normal admissions round. Any application will be forwarded to the Head Teacher, Hurworth School and will be considered by the Admissions Sub-Committee. Once a decision has been made the Admission Authority will write to the parent(s) informing them of the decision and setting out reasons for such, if parents do not agree with the decision, they have a statutory right to appeal against the refusal of a place at the school. This does not apply if they are

offered a place at the school but it is not in their preferred age group. In this instance parents must complete an In-Year Application Form.



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Sadberge / Whessoe

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