Careers Education Advice and Guidance at Hurworth School has clear objectives. We look to enable our pupils to:

  • Develop themselves and their aspirations through careers and work related education
  • Find out about careers and the world of work, building strong connections with employers
  • Develop skills for career well-being and employability


At Hurworth School we aim to provide a careers guidance programme which enables all our pupils to make the correct choices at two critical times in their school career and to offer them advice and guidance in order for them to make informed individual choices about post 16 pathways

The focus of our careers programme are as follows:

  • To reflect on the transition from Primary School
  • Know their own strengths, areas for development and personal qualities.
  • Develop a balanced view of their potential.
  • Be aware of the opportunities in education, training and careers.
  • Make informed decisions about their own education, training and career paths.
  • Manage transition to new roles and situations, by encouraging self- reliance and preparing them for the disciplines of work.


There are a wide variety of events / opportunities available for pupils to experience and we take care to offer a wide range of learning and guidance opportunities.

  • Access to and understanding how to use the National Careers Service
  • Careers Booklets
  • Computer software packages
  • Group workshops
  • Guest speakers
  • Careers events ( focusing on post 16 pathways )
  • WOW Day (We actively engage with local employers for our World of Work Day)
  • Work Experience
  • Mock interviews
  • Challenge days


These events are supported by Penny Hudson, a qualified independent Careers Advisor. Penny Hudson also undertakes 1:1 guidance interviews and is a point of reference and support for all pupils.