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Children living within the following wards (Middleton St George, Middleton One Row, Neasham, Bishopton, Sadberge, Great Stainton, Little Stainton and the rural areas of Sockburn, Low Dinsdale & Hurworth Moor) will qualify for “School Transport.”

Children living in the Firthmoor area (as defined on the map which lies South of Harris Street) will qualify for “School Transport” if their application for a place at Hurworth School is successful, under the sibling link or distance criterion

Please note that school transport will be available for children living in the areas outlined in the school’s admissions policy.

Children (Secondary school pupils 11-16 years old) of families who are in receipt of Free School Meals or are from low income families are entitled to free school transport if they go to a suitable school between two & six miles away from their home address, as long as it is one of three suitable schools nearer to home.
(Transport guidance states that children of a compulsory school age who are 11 or over from low income families must have travel arrangements made to one of their three nearest qualifying schools (or places other than a school at which they may receive education under section 19 (1) of the Act), where they live more than two miles, but not more than six miles from that school.)
However, it is important to note that from September 2014 Year 7 pupils who do not qualify for free transport will be subject to an agreed Secondary School charging policy for the duration of their time at secondary school from September 2014 (details will be available from the relevant secondary school in September 2013).
At the time of application to the school parents/carers must indicate whether they are intending their child to utilise school transport or they will make their own arrangements to transport their child/children to and from school.